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Online Bingo Table

Bingo table

Bingo is a game, a simple game in which random numbers are selected for the participants, which must be marked on a special card. The card is a table with numbers. When the player gets the number on the card, the cell is marked. The first player to fill in all the cells of his card wins.

This tool allows you to create bingo cards.


The program has the following functionality:

  • Arbitrary number of cells in the table;
  • Designing the color of cells, text, font size, the background of the text itself and its alignment, and the design of the table itself as a whole;
  • Both for cells and for the table, you can set the width and color of the border;
  • Numbering of each cell and its design;
  • Changing the thickness of the borders of the table and cells;
  • Selection mode: tick or cross;
  • Automatic change of font size to the size of the cell, so that the entered text does not go beyond the cell and is completely in the cell;
  • Insert images;
  • Shuffle cells randomly;
  • Autocomplete cells;
  • The mode of selecting cells with a tick or a cross.

Selection mode

The selection mode is designed to highlight the cells you need. This mode makes it easier to fill the cells when playing bingo. To select a cell, turn on the selection mode by clicking on the corresponding button. Next, start selecting the cells you need by right-clicking on these cells. To start editing cells again, switch to selection mode by clicking on the appropriate button.

Edit mode

Thanks to the editing mode, you can create a table of any size and design. In the table settings, you can set an arbitrary number of columns and rows, change the size of the added images, and indicate the need to style the table name in accordance with the design of the table itself.

You can also customize each cell of the table separately. To add an image, change the color of the borders, text or background, click on the cell. You will have a six-wheel icon, clicking on which will open a toolbar for customizing this cell.

Use all the settings to create the table of your dreams!)