Online Stopwatch - Accurate and Simple

Online Stopwatch

A stopwatch is a device for tracking the time that has elapsed since some point in the past. Such a device can be useful when it is necessary to constantly track the time. However, time is running out, and now you no longer need to buy a separate device to track the VR. Now the stopwatch is available directly in the browser.

This stopwatch is easy to use, has the necessary functionality, and also does not require the installation of any software.


This stopwatch The purpose of the buttons of this stopwatch:

StartStarts or resumes the stopwatch
PausePauses the stopwatch
CircleAdds a new circle
ResetResets or deletes this stopwatch

Distinctive features

The distinguishing features of this online stopwatch from others are:

  1. Multisecondometer support. On this page you can run an unlimited number of stopwatches and work with each of them. At the same time, you will see the current state of each of them.
  2. It works even if you leave the site. This means that if you close the tab, the browser, or turn off the computer, the stopwatch will work as if nothing had happened.
  3. Maximum accuracy. The stopwatch works on the principle of saving timestamps, so it cannot break and display the wrong time.
  4. Support circles. Use the circle button to start a new circle without interrupting the main stopwatch. We display not only the time elapsed since the start of the stopwatch, but also the time relative to the previous lap.
  5. Keyboard shortcuts. Use the Space bar to pause or resume the stopwatch, and also hold down the Shift key and press the Space bar to create a new circle.
  6. Completely free.
  7. Adapted to screens with different resolutions. This means that our stopwatch is suitable for measuring time from any device: smartphones, tablets, personal computers, laptops.
  8. Any second meter can be paused

Full screen stopwatch

On our website, you can open the stopwatch in full screen by clicking on the corresponding button above the stopwatch itself.

Where can a stopwatch come in handy?

A stopwatch is a very useful invention that can be useful at any time, for example:

  1. For sports and for training
  2. While studying
  3. In everyday life, for example during cooking

Use a stopwatch for different purposes, time is an incredibly important resource that it is useful to be able to control.