World map editor by color with legend

World map editor

This tool is an interactive map of the world with the ability to add labels and change the design of individual countries or groups of countries united according to certain parameters. This free and simple tool allows you to quickly create and style a world map with colors and gradients.

Editor Features

  1. Creating a legend and its fields, naming and setting a color for each of the fields. When you change the color of the legend field, the color scheme of the countries for which this legend was set also changes;
  2. Application of several legend fields for the country at once;
  3. Zooming in and out of the map;
  4. Creation and saving of an unlimited number of interactive maps;

How to use the functionality?

Initially, all countries are not tied to any legend label and are grayed out by default.

In order for the country to be displayed on the map in a different color, select the desired legend field, and then click on the country that you want to assign to this legend field.

To remove a label, select the label in the legend and right-click on the country that uses the label.

This editor also allows you to set multiple labels for one country. To do this, click on the given state with another selected legend label.

How to create a legend

Initially, you already have a legend for the map. You can now edit and create multiple labels for this legend. To do this, hover over the legend block, you will see the edit button, click on it. Now you can add a new label. By clicking on the + button, a new legend label is created, with the default color set. To change the color, you need to click on the icon with the marked color. In the color palette that appears, select the desired color and close the panel. To return the standard appearance of the legend window, click on the button with a checkmark displayed when you hover over the legend with the mouse.